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Compelling Experiences

We create more than 30,000 experiences annually in the form of in-person, virtual and hybrid events for corporate, trade, nonprofit and government clients.

End-To-End Event Production

We take a little bit of inspiration and bring it to life, from storyboarding and scripting to event logistics and management to livestreaming, simulcasting and live broadcasting.

Far-Reaching Resources

We share best practices, technology and labor with our members across the entire continent, so clients receive the industry standard for excellence, wherever their event is held. We own our equipment and leverage the latest technology to raise our clients’ profile.

Trusted Industry Leaders

Our members are fully vetted by their premier peers, based on quality equipment, state-of-the-art knowledge and ethical business practices.

  • "Through our Network of trusted companies, event planners and producers have access to dependable and highly-qualified resources from across the US, Canada and Mexico. We ensure a consistent level of expertise that alleviates the worry of vetting a new production company in multiple locations"

    Steve Wildemann, Advanced Staging Productions
    Steve Wildemann, Advanced Staging Productions EPN Past President
  • "Time and time again, the power of the Event Production Network has proven itself. We founded this Network to help leading companies stay ahead of the curve through shared best practices, cross-support and keeping a focus on innovation and quality"

    Matt Emerson, AVFX
    Matt Emerson, AVFX EPN Founder and Past President