Members share the value of their EPN Network affiliation

EPN Member Spotlight-William Wright, Michael Andrews

William Wright, Michael Andrews

New York City, NY

EPN Member Spotlight-Steve DeVries, Showcore

Steve DeVries, Showcore

Minneapolis, MN

EPN Member Spotlight-Shannon Inniss, Bespoke Audio Visual

Shannon Inniss, Bespoke Audio Visual

Toronto, ON, Canada

EPN Member Spotlight-Scott Stedronsky, Stage Right, Inc.

Scott Stedronsky, Stage Right, Inc.

Chicago, IL

EPN Member Spotlight-Ryan Mclaughlin, Advanced Staging Productions

Ryan McLaughlin, Advanced Staging Productions

Philadelphia, PA

EPN Member Spotlight-Robert Horner, Ironman Sound Industries

Robert Horner, Ironman Sound Industries

St. Louis, MO

EPN Member Spotlight-Rick Pollock, Total Show Technology

Rick Pollock, Total Show Technology

Las Vegas, NV

EPN Member Spotlight-Rick L’Heureux, AVT Productions

Rick L'Heureux, AVT Productions

San Francisco, CA

EPN Member Spotlight-Richard Palm, ON Services

Richard Palm, ON Services

Atlanta, GA

EPN Member Spotlight-Ric Rhinehart, VCI Events

Ric Rhinehart, VCI Events

Los Angeles, CA

EPN Member Spotlight-Patrick Phaneuf, XPAV Expert’ease

Patrick Phaneuf, XPAV Expert’ease

Montreal, QC, Canada

EPN Member Spotlight-Matthew Hussack, Proshow Audiovisual

Matthew Hussack, Proshow Audiovisual

Vancouver, BC, Canada

EPN Member Spotlight-Matt Emerson, AVFX

Matt Emerson, AVFX

Boston, MA

EPN Member Spotlight-Mark Miller, Markey’s

Mark Miller, Markey's

Indianapolis, IN

EPN Member Spotlight-Justin Frick, AV Chicago

Justin Frick, AV Chicago

Chicago, IL

EPN Member Spotlight-Jeffrey Studley, CPR MultiMedia Solutions

Jeffrey Studley, CPR MultiMedia Solutions

Washington, DC

EPN Member Spotlight-Gayle Meyer, MeyerPro, Inc.

Gayle Meyer, MeyerPro, Inc.

Portland, OR

Video 6

Eric Smith, ON Services

Rochester, NY

Video 5

Eric Newkirk, AVFX

Denver, CO

Video 4

Donald Guzauckas, HB Live, Inc.

North Haven, CT

Video 3

Christopher Gerhart, Crescent Event Productions

Charlotte, NC

Video 2

Chris Moises, Royal Productions

New Orleans, LA

Video 1

Brad Poarch, Cory's Live

Oklahoma City, OK