Budget-Friendly Event Lighting Solutions to Transform a General Session Space (Part 2)

Budget-friendly event lighting solutions that transform a general session space are crucial for a successful event. In addition to setting the ambiance, using strategic lighting techniques can create a sense of intimacy or grandeur, depending on the desired effect.

Although professional event lighting can be costly, there are many budget-friendly options available. The following Event Production Network (EPN) members reveal budget-friendly and innovative event lighting guidelines to transform a general session space, along with event lighting tips to consider for your next general session:

Top Challenges to Transforming a General Session Space on a Budget (Part 1)

The general session can be a powerful tool to capture audience attention from the start and set the tone for an impactful event. In Part 1 of a two-part series on general session event lighting, the following Event Production Network (EPN) members share their views on why event lighting is a key element for transforming a general session, along with the top challenges to transforming a general session space on a budget:

6 Unique Ways to Create Memorable Event Experiences in 2024

Creating memorable events has become increasingly complex for meeting planners because of a myriad of factors. According to 86% of event marketers, technology has the potential to enhance the success of events significantly.

Change Remains Constant in AV Production

Meeting planners need to speak the right language to get the most cost-effective outcome for their audiovisual (AV) needs in the rest of 2023.

EPN Leadership Symposium: 2023 Live Events Summit Underscores Excellence, Collaboration

Leading audio visual companies from across North America gathered in St. Louis for three days of learning, networking and sharing best practices.

Price-Conscious Wow: How Meeting Planners Find More Value With AV Partners

Delivering jaw-dropping wow on a budget is possible in today’s market—if you have a true partnership with your audiovisual service provider.

Event Production Network: Former RSN Evolves With Times

Premier North American Network Moves Beyond Rentals, Staging

The former Rental & Staging Network announced today that it has rebranded itself as the Event Production Network (EPN) to capture its evolution from contributor to a full-service event creator. EPN’s members create 30,000 memorable event experiences annually—from concept to completion—with the latest AV technology that transforms […]

A Special AV Guide to Hybrid Events

Ask any hybrid meeting planner or event organizer.

Logistically speaking, a hybrid event should be plural. In other words, a next-normal hybrid event is two events—one live event, one remote event—that happen at the same time. This reality increases the risk and level of difficulty when it comes to communicating your organization’s message to its masses.

On the flip side, the opportunity to reach a larger audience and add new streams of revenue truly exist.

RFP and Contract Language to Keep Your AV Options Open

If not careful, meeting planners can lose their freedom to choose their AV provider as soon as they sign a venue contract. And with technology playing an even bigger role in events during and after the pandemic, this loss can cost dearly.