Three AV Trends to Engage Attendees

EPN president, Steve Wildemann, recently sat down with Meetings Today, to share tips on leveraging current event trends. The first trend: Creating immersive experiences where attendees feel they are part of the moment and the message.

AV Upgrades: Which Ones Are Worth the Money?

Sometimes, a little bit more money in your AV budget can deliver a huge return on your investment and make a big difference at your event. And sometimes, spending more is just spending more. If you’re not an AV expert, it can be tough to know what things are worth paying a higher price tag.

10 Years Later, EPN Members Still Delivering Jaw-Dropping Experiences

After 10 years, EPN continues to thrive and is growing to cover the whole North American continent. With an expansive reach across the United States, Canada and Mexico, EPN has you covered, no matter where you are. Find your local AV partner here.

Why Elton John Uses LED Walls

When showman pianist Elton John kicked off his farewell tour, his production crew knew that to grab people’s attention and deliver memorable imagery, you need next-level sophistication. Enter LED walls. LED video walls are made from a number of LED panels joined together to display content as if it were a single screen.

Four AV Tips to Attract Attendees and Sponsors and Keep Them Engaged

“To make an association event memorable, attendees need to walk away feeling inspired,” said Steve Wildemann, president of EPN and president of EPN member Advanced Staging Productions, in a recent article in Association Conventions & Facilities magazine.

5 Reasons to Go Independent Over In-House for Your AV

A house is only as good as its parts—the concrete foundation, the brick walls, the wooden framing, they all come together to make a sturdy and beautiful home. The same concept is true of events—an event will only be as good as the parts that make it up. This includes everything from the venue to the catering to AV. A successful event is the sum of high-quality partners working together to deliver outstanding results.

Memorable Events: Why Planners Select an EPN Member

In Career Cast’s The Most Stressful Jobs of 2018 report, event planner was voted the fifth most stressful job, following jobs involving life or death (military personnel, fire fighter, airline pilot and police officer). This makes sense—event planners are juggling numerous aspects of an event which may impact hundreds or even thousands of people.

Setting the stage: 5 cost effective ways to give your stage the wow factor

Working with a talented AV and staging partner is the first step in ensuring your meeting will truly have impact. Have a tight budget? EPN shares 5 cost effective ways they can help create a stage with a wow factor for your next event or meeting.

Five AV Tactics to Make Your Presenter Look Good

Ok so you have confirmed a great keynote – and the buzz is building for your next event. It’s not just about the presenter’s message. Be sure you work closely with both your speaker and your AV partner to ensure the presentation is delivered in the most professional and impactful way.