How to Maintain Your Freedom of AV Choice

AV is a crucial element of successful events—and it can make or break yours. It’s a coup to secure the trendiest speaker for your event, but if the audience is distracted by poor audio or lighting, then what was the point? You need great AV that will serve the needs of your event and ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Live Streaming: How to Pull it Off Flawlessly

There are very few times an event shouldn’t be live streamed. And in today’s experience-driven culture, audiences are expecting well produced, high quality live streams. There’s always an element of “the unexpected” with live streaming—there are no do overs and there’s no stopping. But working with the right AV provider makes it really easy to execute live streaming.

Top 4 AV Trends to Try in 2020

In 2020, event attendees are craving a unique “experience” and that means using high-impact AV technology to deliver an immersive and “Instagrammable” moment with content delivery that is exciting.

How to Avoid the 10 Most Common AV Mistakes

Planning events is expensive, but cutting AV can be costly without understanding the overall effect a cut will have on your event. The audience needs to see the visuals, hear the speaker and emotionally connect to the message. Communicating early and often with your event production team is the key to delivering a memorable event that is free from technical difficulties.

5 Tips to Make the Most of your LED Investment

When done right, LED displays are incredibly impactful. That’s why it’s important to begin working with your event production team early. Get the design specs, request a template and involve the techs from the very beginning—that will ensure that you avoid any last-minute hiccups. Your event team may even provide graphic design services at a nominal fee.

How to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Next Event

When it comes to creating events, Event Producer Erin Weir knows the value of social media. It's a great way to get the word out, but how you use social media for your event will depend on the audience as well as the size and type of event. Learn some of the social media tactics that EPN members leverage to amplify events:

Why it’s important to make the case for expanding your AV budget

When it comes to booking audio visual (AV) for your meetings, do you just order “the basics” and hope for the best? May we suggest that you think beyond the basics. If you’re planning an annual event, you’ll want to provide that extra “wow” factor that will make attendees want to come back next year.

18 AV terms every meeting planner should know

AV professionals speak the same language as the rest of us. Really. They just change the meanings. Here’s a handy guide from the professionals in the Rental and Staging Network to common AV terms.

Keynote perfection: 8 ways to avoid general session glitches

Keynote presentations and general sessions—they’re the crown jewels of your event. All eyes are on the stage and everything needs to be perfect. But… sometimes things don’t go so well. Here's how to avoid common keynote problems.