Memorable Events: Why Planners Select an EPN Member

In Career Cast’s The Most Stressful Jobs of 2018 report, event planner was voted the fifth most stressful job, following jobs involving life or death (military personnel, fire fighter, airline pilot and police officer). This makes sense—event planners are juggling numerous aspects of an event which may impact hundreds or even thousands of people.

Setting the stage: 5 cost effective ways to give your stage the wow factor

Working with a talented AV and staging partner is the first step in ensuring your meeting will truly have impact. Have a tight budget? EPN shares 5 cost effective ways they can help create a stage with a wow factor for your next event or meeting.

Five AV Tactics to Make Your Presenter Look Good

Ok so you have confirmed a great keynote – and the buzz is building for your next event. It’s not just about the presenter’s message. Be sure you work closely with both your speaker and your AV partner to ensure the presentation is delivered in the most professional and impactful way.

Four Essentials for Projection Perfection

To ensure your next General Session presentation shines, it’s not as simple as just setting up a projector and screen. EPN shares 4 essentials for achieving projection perfection.

Know the Difference: Outsourced Versus In-House Audio Visual

EPN is a nationwide alliance of select, live event staging companies at the pinnacle of the AV industry. EPN members are located in many major metro areas in North America and must meet rigorous quality, equipment and experience standards to even be considered for membership.

3 Mistakes to Avoid in your Next Event Contract

Planning an event involves a myriad of important details, from picking a theme to inviting guests and arranging speakers. One of the most important decisions is selecting a venue then negotiating a solid contract. Whether it is a hotel or a convention center, it is essential to...

Your Biggest Ally: How AV Teams Save Planners

Let’s cut to the chase: Event and meeting planners need cutting-edge technology and experienced staff to pull off jaw-dropping events that will create an unforgettable impression among attendees. Audio visual, or AV, plays a huge role in any event, no matter how big or small.

Venue Contracts

It all starts at the venue contract stage. Once the venue contract is signed, there is little room for negotiation. However, you can ensure freedom of choice in your hotel or facility contract so you have the option to bring in your own independent outsourced AV partner.