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Event planning has changed forever with the introduction of hybrid events.

Hybrid event planners must simultaneously engage the in-person crowd and the remote audience.

New technology and new skillsets are required to successfully execute a hybrid event.

In the past two years, EPN, a network of premier AV companies located throughout North America, has delivered more than 1,000 hybrid events. And we want to share our best practices to help you dazzle audiences in this new era of live events.

Critical Checklist: Your Top 25+ FAQs

The secret to better answers is asking better questions.

Hybrid events have expanded the planning phase for event organizers by more than 30%. These events are more complicated and more complex.

Are you asking the right questions in the beginning of the planning process?

Of course, you will start with budget and scope. But you will quickly need to focus on your audience members—all of them.

What technology will your virtual presenters use? How tech-savvy are they? Your team will need to provide support accordingly.

Then, there’s the discussion about rehearsal time, which has grown, and the all-important run of show. Let’s not forget content, virtual platforms and what you will do to drive audience engagement.

EPN’s special Hybrid Event Guide can help you lay the foundation for a successful event.

4 Ways to Dazzle Your Audience

Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and 400 other streaming services have made your job harder.

These entertainment companies have reset the expectations for the content that we view in our homes.

And now it’s up to you to at least reach, if not raise the bar.

You can no longer point a stationary camera at a stage and let it run.

You need to give your viewers, remote and in-person, some context for what they are about to see.

In the end, you will need to engage all attendees and integrate both live and virtual audiences into one unforgettable, immersive experience.

EPN’s expertise can help you deliver a memorable, next-level hybrid event.

Create a Memorable Experience

However, there is one surefire way to determine if your hybrid event is a success.

Your attendees will remember and talk about how your event made them feel.

Event planners who have already adapted to the new-normal of hybrid events have found the X-Factor.

EPN’s special Hybrid Event Guide shares successes from hybrid events that took place in the last two years, spanning six different time zones. Some events were small, and others were international.

Hybrid event success is universal. And it can be yours now.

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