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How Partnering with a North American Audio-Visual Network Produces Better Events


In the business world, the expression “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” coined by Aristotle, appropriately expresses the belief that a single company can be more successful when it’s part of a larger network.

This phrase is especially true in the AV and event production sector, according to four leaders at Event Production Network (EPN).

The following EPN board members discuss the advantages of meeting planners and event organizers partnering with an AV company that’s part of a broader network: 


Bob Horner, vice president of corporate development at Ironman Sound Productions, a Markeys company and EPN board member.





Eric Newkirk, vice president of design & creative at AVFX and past president of EPN.






Brad Poarch, CEO of Cory’s and current EPN president.





What are the top advantages of partnering with a North American network of event production companies?

A: Horner Being part of a network has provided Ironman Sound Productions with honest feedback on how we can improve, which benefits our clients. Additionally, by being part of the network, we can work countrywide with other member companies that have been pre-vetted and are ready to work with our clients. When you partner with an EPN member company, you’ll never have to worry about quality, competency or other issues. Follow this link for more insight from Horner.

A: Newkirk – There are various advantages to working with a network of event production companies, including having access to a collection of resources regardless of the location and time of your event. An AV company that operates on a national scale can capitalize on a larger footprint and, as a result, provide you with superior customer service. 

The collective knowledge of being part of a network brings value. EPN holds meetings throughout the year so member companies can learn from one another, grow closer and leverage their competitive advantages to benefit their customers.

Another plus is feeling confident that you’re collaborating with a quality AV and event production company. EPN members are evaluated by fellow practitioners before being admitted to the network. This process ensures that a company’s core values and standards meet the membership criteria. Follow this link for more insight from Newkirk.

A: Poarch – When you work with an AV company that’s part of a wider network, such as EPN, you have the power of an overall network behind you. In EPN’s case, 28 companies in North Americarather than just one.

Additionally, being part of a network enables a member company to learn from the successes and failures of other members. We also learn from our Vendor Partners. They can impart those best practices and most important insights, such as the latest and best technologies, guaranteeing they’re producing the best events across the network. Follow this link for more insight from Poarch. 

How can a North American network of event production companies make your event come together as one connected experience?

EPN creates memorable experiences for meeting planners and event organizers from concept to completion. The alliance of 28 premier companies, which spans the North American continent, sets the standard for AV excellence for in-person, virtual and hybrid events: 

Here’s EPN’s process: 

The story

  • Listens carefully to capture your vision and mission.
  • Builds the story around your objectives with messaging, content and creative execution that bring the story to life.

The tech

  • Collaborates throughout the entire process, from concept development to live event management to distribution through live streaming, simulcasting or broadcasting.
  • As experts in AV technology, knowledgeable practitioners and trusted partners, we cast you in the best light. 

The show

  • Understands that timing is everything, as well as lighting, soundchecks, cues and transitions. 
  • Works closely with you to make everything seamless so your event comes together as one connected experience.

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