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7 Event Video Solutions That Will Captivate Your Audience



Meeting planners can maximize the power of visual media to enhance engagement, communication and entertainment by employing a video strategy. A dynamic medium, video draws in attendees and enhances the overall event atmosphere.

Kyle Brooks, chief executive officer at Bespoke Audio Visual and an Event Production Network (EPN) board member, discusses:

  • Event video benefits
  • Innovative event video solutions to captivate your audience
  • The value of AV partner collaboration

Event Video Benefits

The key benefits of incorporating video content at your events include:

Enhanced Engagement

Live streams, replays or interactive displays can grab people’s attention better than static displays or audio announcements. It provides a dynamic way to present information and entertain your audience.

Increased Accessibility

Whether it’s a significant event or a series of smaller ones, video can ensure that everyone in attendance has an excellent view of the action. Screens displaying live feeds of the event can make key moments accessible to everyone.

Instant Replays and Highlights

For sports events or performances, video allows for instant replays and highlights. This enhances the spectator experience and ensures attendees don’t miss a moment of the action. They can also relive exciting or important moments immediately.

Facilitates Remote Participation

Live streaming and video recordings allow attendees who can’t be physically present to participate remotely. Video displays in the room let remote participants text their questions and emoji responses, increasing the event’s reach and adding a layer of inclusivity.

Increased Information Retention

Visual content is often more memorable than spoken or written information. Using onsite event video for educational purposes increases attendees’ likelihood of remembering key messages.


Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Event video can display sponsor messages and advertisements in a way that’s highly visible to attendees. This can add value for sponsors while also integrating promotional event content.

Social Media Integration

Incorporating social media feeds and prompts into onsite video material can stimulate online interaction, experience sharing and online attendance among participants. This further enhances the communal aspect of the event.

Feedback and Interaction

Gather real-time responses and input from attendees via interactive kiosks. You also can use feedback stations, polls shown or video-based remote queries utilizing video, which can provide valuable insights for event organizers and create a more interactive experience for attendees.

Safety and Directions

Use event video onsite for crucial announcements. These include safety information and directional advice, ensuring that guests are well-informed and able to navigate the event space efficiently.

Event Video Solutions

The intended outcomes of your event should drive the technology rather than the other way around. Deciding what matters most for your event should come first in a world where budgets are constantly strained, and technology is exploding. Working closely with a skilled AV partner in the early stages will help to bring your event goals to life by deploying the right AV solutions.

If your event is highly technical, focus your video on the screens displaying your content. Ensure they’re large, bright and of sufficient resolution so your guests can easily read them.

To add a “wow” factor, direct your budget toward a creative projection mapping project. Executions like this are effective because your guests do not quickly achieve them and add a level of sophistication to your event.

Here are the top seven onsite video display technologies transforming events and captivating audiences:

  1. LED video walls: Offer incredible brightness and contrast. This makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can customize LED video walls into various shapes and sizes, allowing for creative presentations that captivate audiences.
  2. Projection mapping: Uses projectors to display videos on irregularly shaped objects or surfaces, transforming buildings, statues or stages into dynamic art installations. It can be tailored to enhance the theme of an event, creating memorable visual experiences.
  3. LED totems: A video version of a traditional pop-up banner, these tools can have rotating or motion video. With the addition of a digital signage tool, this content can be automated or controlled remotely.
  4. Interactive floor and wall projections: Combines video projection technology with interactive sensors. Using this, floors and walls can become interactive displays responding to attendees’ movements. This technology is excellent for engaging visitors in immersive experiences, games or educational content.
  5. Holographic displays: Create three-dimensional images in mid-air. They also offer a futuristic and engaging way to present products, entertain or deliver messages. While true holography is still developing, various forms of holographic effects can be achieved.
  6. Video floors: Like interactive projections, video floors use rugged LED panels to display video content underfoot. This can transform the ground into a dynamic part of the event experience. You can use simulated environments, like water or lava, to display moving patterns that guide visitor flow.
  7. Wearable technology: Smart glasses or “Second Screen” tech can offer personalized video content directly to attendees. This content could contain enhanced content, event information or navigational assistance to improve each attendee’s experience.

These innovative onsite video displays are redefining how events connect with attendees. They offer new ways to engage, entertain and inform. We can expect to see even more creative and immersive applications as technology advances.

Value of AV Partner Collaboration

Partnering with an AV specialist grants you access to a dedicated and curious team with technical expertise. As live event professionals, it’s part of our mandate to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

That means attending tradeshows, seminars, webinars or conferences. We’re committed to ensuring that our clients meet their event objectives, and this includes staying well-informed about the latest technological advancements.

The added value of collaborating with a seasoned team lies in the innovative ways we can employ technology—likely in ways you might not have envisioned. This could be inspired by new trends we’ve observed or even pioneering ideas we’ve conceived. Our mission is to conceive and perfect our strategies, which enables us to assist our clients in realizing their vision for their events.

In closing, the live event industry, and AV specifically, is propelled by the rapid evolution of technology. As live event professionals, we must navigate our clients through various technological options to find the perfect fit for their needs.

Onsite video displays, interactive engagement, digital wayfinding and innovative display solutions are just some of the creative tools we employ to captivate audiences. When using any technology, it’s imperative to consider the event’s goals to ensure that the desired outcomes drive our technology choices—not the other way around.