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5 Strategies for Leveraging AV Partner Collaboration to Elevate Event Content



Gabby Kiger

High-quality event content is essential to the success of any event. Besides attracting the right audience, setting the tone, and driving engagement and participation, such event content can boost your return on investment (ROI). Gabby Kiger, director of marketing & project manager at Media Stage, Inc., the Miami area member of Event Production Network (EPN) reveals strategies for leveraging AV partner collaboration to elevate event content.







Advantages of AV Partner Collaboration 

A seasoned AV partner has high-level technical expertise and knowledge in audio, visual and lighting technology. They can recommend the right equipment for your event space, audience size and desired effect. They will also manage the equipment’s setup, operation and breakdown, freeing you to concentrate on other event aspects.

Accordingly, they understand how and where to display your content best. Having that know-how ahead of time can greatly assist in creating content. It will also ensure that the event content is being generated in the correct file format and aspect ratio. This not only saves time, but also the headache of having to convert files at the last minute while on site.

Other advantages to working with an AV partner to elevate event content include:

  • Professional production value: A well-equipped and well-executed AV setup significantly elevates the professional production value of your event content. This can impress attendees, increase brand awareness and create a more memorable event experience.
  • Engaging and visually appealing content: Some AV partners offer event content creation services like high-definition video production, graphic design and presentations. They can help you craft engaging and visually appealing content that aligns with your event goals and messaging.
  • Increased audience engagement: AV technology can be used in creative ways to engage your audience, such as interactive presentations, live polls and social media integration. An AV partner can assist you in leveraging technology to create a more interactive and dynamic event experience.

Media Stage

Strategies for Leveraging AV Partner Collaboration 

The following are pre-, onsite and post-event strategies for leveraging AV partner collaboration to elevate event content:

  1. Involve your AV partner from the start: Ensure that your AV partner is included in the early stages of event planning. Their expertise in technology and production can help shape creative ideas for using AV elements to enhance event content. 
    Discuss how AV technology can be used visually and audibly to reinforce your event’s messaging, themes and speaker presentations. Be creative about how you use AV elements. Challenge your AV partner to find new and exciting ways to use technology to tell your story and captivate your audience. Explore options like interactive displays, immersive projections and synchronized lighting effects. 
    For example, if a client is using an LED wall, it’s best to create video content with lots of movement. An AV partner can help a client see all the advantages and disadvantages of developing specific content for its intended display source during the pre-event phase.
    In the example above, one of the main advantages of LED sources is the crisp and bright image that gets output (assuming it is built with high-quality tiles with a low pixel pitch). It would almost be wasted on more data-driven PowerPoint-style content. An AV partner would likely encourage using it to its full capabilities to provide multiple eye-catching looks throughout a show.
  2. Ensure technical feasibility: Work with your AV partner to ensure your desired content enhancements are technically feasible within your budget and venue constraints. Don’t be afraid to explore emerging AV technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and holographic displays to create truly unique and immersive event experiences. Discuss backup plans and contingency measures in case of technical hitches.
  3. Utilize onsite technical expertise: Employ your AV partner’s technicians to operate and troubleshoot equipment throughout the event. This frees your team to focus on other event logistics and attendee engagement.
  4. Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances: Prepare yourself to adapt the content and AV elements in real time based on audience response and unforeseen circumstances. Your AV partner should be flexible and have the technical capacity to adjust on the fly.
  5. Measure ROI and debrief: Track key metrics such as audience engagement, social media mentions and post-event surveys to gauge the effectiveness of your AV-enhanced content. Use this data to measure the ROI of your AV partnership. Schedule a post-event debriefing with your AV partner to discuss successes, challenges and improvement areas. This feedback will help you refine your collaboration strategy for future events. 
    By implementing these strategies, you can leverage AV partner collaboration to create truly memorable and valuable content that leaves an impression on your audience. A seasoned AV partner has likely seen every conceivable setup for every audience size, venue, room, seating arrangement and stage set.
    The project manager and pre-production staff can take a rough vision and incorporate it into a specific budget, while the technicians can take it from there to make sure the execution is flawless. If you don’t have experts leading this process from start to finish, you could easily be setting yourself up for unexpected issues. Keep in mind that a successful AV partnership is built on clear communication, trust and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional event experiences.