How Partnering with a North American Audio-Visual Network Produces Better Events

In the business world, the expression “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” coined by Aristotle, appropriately expresses the belief that a single company can be more successful when [...]

5 Strategies for Leveraging AV Partner Collaboration to Elevate Event Content

High-quality event content is essential to the success of any event. Besides attracting the right audience, setting the tone, and driving engagement and participation, such event content can [...]

Budget-Friendly Event Lighting Solutions to Transform a General Session Space (Part 2)

Budget-friendly event lighting solutions that transform a general session space are crucial for a successful event. In addition to setting the ambiance, using strategic lighting techniques can [...]

Top Challenges to Transforming a General Session Space on a Budget (Part 1)

The general session can be a powerful tool to capture audience attention from the start and set the tone for an impactful event. In Part 1 of a two-part series on general session event lighting, [...]

6 Unique Ways to Create Memorable Event Experiences in 2024

Creating memorable events has become increasingly complex for meeting planners because of a myriad of factors. According to 86% of event marketers, technology has the potential to enhance the [...]

Change Remains Constant in AV Production

Meeting planners need to speak the right language to get the most cost-effective outcome for their audiovisual (AV) needs in the rest of 2023.

EPN Leadership Symposium: 2023 Live Events Summit Underscores Excellence, Collaboration

Leading audio visual companies from across North America gathered in St. Louis for three days of learning, networking and sharing best practices.

Price-Conscious Wow: How Meeting Planners Find More Value With AV Partners

Delivering jaw-dropping wow on a budget is possible in today’s market—if you have a true partnership with your audiovisual service provider.

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