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EPN Leadership Symposium: 2023 Live Events Summit Underscores Excellence, Collaboration

Every year, the Event Production Network invests in its members to ensure that they meet a North American standard of AV excellence.

Recently, the 27 AV/Live Event Production member companies of the EPN met for nearly a week at its Leadership Symposium in St. Louis to share ideas, successes and best practices that they can share with meeting planners and event organizers.

More than 130 live-event production professionals took advantage of four different education tracks to help advance their craft.

For example, the Creative Solutions and Production Design track shared knowledge about the pre-production and planning processes in various areas:

  • CAD/Rendering
  • Content Templating
  • Set Design
  • Producing
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management

For the Lead Techs track, several key topics were taught, including customer service, professional representation and leadership. Lead technicians serve a pivotal role that requires technical expertise, leadership abilities and excellent problem-solving skills.

Member company executives and middle managers held workshops focused on company culture and leadership.

In the spirit of mutual collaboration and an understanding of raising the bar for one, raises the bar for all in the Network, the local EPN member company in St. Louis, Ironman Sound Industries, a Markeys company, hosted a tour of its offices and warehouse to share guidance on procedures and efficiencies.

In addition, as part of its Networking Zone, leading providers of audio-visual equipment met with attendees to share and demonstrate the latest technology solutions.

EPN’s Leadership Symposium strengthens several important areas that challenge the live-events industry in today’ marketplace:

Professional Development: All AV team members will interact, at some point, with meeting planners, their speakers and their audiences. Besides teaching the technical aspects, EPN also reinforces the softer side of the business, which includes different forms of communications that can take any event to the next level.

North American Support: EPN builds camaraderie during events like its Leadership Symposium, which leads to more collaboration, less expense and better outcomes for meeting planners and event organizers who utilize a member or multiple members of the Network.

Together, the network creates 30,000 memorable experiences annually with the latest AV technology that transforms any event into an experience.

  • The Event Production Network (EPN) provides meeting planners and event organizers with peace of mind as experienced AV partners, who are current on the latest event technology trends.
  • As an invite-only organization, EPN has established the industry’s highest standard, which each member must match or exceed. The benchmarks include quality equipment, unmatched technical knowledge and ethical business practices.
  • EPN members—which have been strategically selected throughout the North American continent—share time, talent and solutions with other members to ensure that everyone succeeds. Event organizers can leverage the nationwide reach of the network’s member companies.
  • Collectively, EPN members invest in continous improvement through new training and shared best practices.

EPN’s members provide a range of services:

Live Event Production: In-Person Meetings, Virtual Meetings, Hybrid Meetings, Corporate Events, Association Conferences, Shareholder Events, Trade Shows, Workshops, Classes, Training, Panel Discussions, Fundraisers, Galas, Award Shows, Product Launches, Sales Meetings, Sales Presentations, Town Halls, Internal Meetings, Political Rallies, Concerts, Graduations, Convocations, Theatrical Performances, Broadcast Events

Event Management: Run of Show Development, Event Branding, Stage Management, Production Recording, Editing, Set Design, Stage Design, CAD Designs, Presentation Design, Presenter Management, Floor & Stage Direction, Virtual Event Platforms, Event Measurement, Event Monetization, Social Media Integration, Sound or Tech Checks, Transitions, Speaker Introductions, Event Rentals, Vendor Sourcing, Onsite Production, Coaching, Talent Acquisition, Technical Support & Staffing

Video: Image Magnification, HD Digital Projection, LED Video Wall Displays, Video Recording & Editing, Projection Mapping, Seamless Video Displays, Ultra-Wide Projection Screens

Audio: Audio Recording, Editing, Digital Audio-Conferencing Systems, Live Sound Reinforcement

Lighting: LED Stage, Room Lighting, Production, Design, Robotic Lighting, Special Effects, Stage Lighting

Networking: Livestreaming, Simulcasting, Webcasting, Live Broadcasting, Event Network Management, Session Tracking, Lead Retrieval, Computers, Printers, Media Servers

Rigging: ANSI Rated Rigging Components, CAD Design & Integration, Chain Motors, Truss, Ground Supported Systems

Creative & Content Services: Script Development, Storyboarding, Video Production, Creative Execution, Graphic Design, Animation, Event Presentation Design, Digital Signage & Wayfinding, Digital Apps, Social Media Apps, 3D Renderings