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6 Unique Ways to Create Memorable Event Experiences in 2024


corys-blog-photo-1Creating memorable events has become increasingly complex for meeting planners because of a myriad of factors. This ranges from technological advancements to budget constraints, which require meeting planners to be resourceful and creative in their approach and embrace technology. According to 86% of event marketers, technology has the potential to enhance the success of events significantly.


Another challenge is the necessity for attendees to be attentive and present in the moment. For many, there has been a shift in focus from attending and engaging in an event to documenting and sharing the event. This seemingly ever-constant flow of information and content has left people feeling overstimulated, resulting in the necessity for meeting planners to create events that leave a mark.

In the current culture of constant comparison, attendees’ expectations grow exponentially. This puts pressure on meeting planners to design events that are not only effective and within budget but also unique and innovative. Recent statistics show that 67% of people attend in-person events to experience something new or interesting. Attendees have little capacity for events that feel like those they have previously attended.

lacey-beckerLacey Becker, senior event services manager at Cory’s Live and a member of Event Production Network, shares unique ways to create memorable event experiences in 2024 and the advantages for meeting planners. 

Value of Producing Memorable Event Experiences 

Creating genuinely memorable event experiences in 2024 is crucial for meeting planners because events are still statistically one of the best ways to engage an audience with your brand. Bringing an event that sets you apart in the market can boost your brand image, promote customer loyalty and give you a competitive edge.

Meeting planners also must keep up with the media and technology trends, proving to their customers that they’re adaptable to change as expectations evolve. At the end of the day, memorable events statistically yield a higher ROI.

Attendees who enjoy their event experience are more likely to: 

  • Engage with the brand on social media
  • Talk about the brand
  • Invest in the brand
  • Attend other brand-related events

Unique Ways to Create Memorable Event Experiences 

Here are some unique ways to create memorable event experiences in 2024:

      1. Personalize it – Look for ways for the individual attendees to customize their experience. This could be done through interactive elements with individual choices, customizable agendas, or personalized swag based on attendee preference.


      1. corys-blog-photo-2Integrate technology – From your main stage to interactive installations, meeting planners should look for opportunities to include the latest new technologies. This could include a real-time cutting-edge keynote with an AI-powered language translation service, setting up demo areas for the latest in new technologies, or using AR or VR for interactive experiences, such as virtual tours or scavenger hunts. Technological advancements are continuing to grow quickly, and meeting planners should be prepared to look for ways to incorporate these changes as they happen. 
      2. Create networking opportunities – Attendees still see networking as one of the top reasons for attending an event. Meeting planners should look for ways to create meaningful, dynamic networking opportunities such as themed networking zones, interactive icebreaker games or virtual networking experiences for events that may be hybrid.
      3. Conceive a dynamic theme Immersive and engaging concepts could include anything from the lighting and décor to the swag and marketing content. An intentional and cohesive theme can help create a memorable event experience for attendees.
      4. Integrate wellness time – Seek opportunities to incorporate time and space for attendees to focus on their health and wellbeing. Yoga, fitness classes, quiet zones and recharge areas will allow people to step back and relax during your event. 
      5. Do something more – Create a positive impact by implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices into your event or by engaging with a charity to increase the sense of community among your attendees. 


      Creating memorable events will continue to be a challenge as our access to content and the level of overstimulation in our world continues to increase at such a high rate. Meeting planners must keep up with the trends and look for unique ways to engage the audience in today’s ever-evolving market.

      Events that push through the challenges and make a lasting impression will be the ones that shape our industry, influencing the growth and change we see as we continue to progress. Looking to unique and innovative strategies will allow meeting planners to elevate their events and create the memorable event experiences attendees want in 2024 and beyond.