Code of Ethics

The members of Rental and Staging Network will conduct business honestly and ethically wherever we operate in the world. Member companies and their employees and representatives are expected to have and maintain a reputation for honesty, fairness, responsibility, integrity, and sound business judgment. The Code of Ethics is meant to be this organization’s expression of the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – as its guiding principle.

Members must never permit personal interests to conflict with the interests of the EPN, or its members’ clients. We must avoid representing the EPN in any transaction with others without express authorization from the organization, and clarity as to the relationship.

Members shall avoid using the EPN contacts to advance private business or personal interests at the expense of the EPN or its members’ clients. No bribes, kickbacks or other consideration shall be given in order to attract or influence business.

We will often have possession of proprietary, confidential or business-sensitive information and must assure that such information is safeguarded and only disseminated on a “permission granted” basis. Members will avoid disparaging comparisons of the services and competence of our competitors.

EPN Members will obey all Equal Employment Opportunity laws and act with respect and responsibility towards others in all of our dealings. Members agree to disclose unethical, dishonest, fraudulent and illegal behavior, or the violation of organization policies and procedures, directly to The EPN Board of Directors. Remember that good ethics is good business!

Violation of this Code of Ethics can result in disciplinary action, including expulsion from the organization.