Why Event Planners should Keep their AV Freedom of Choice

Audio visual (AV) is a critical — albeit often overlooked — component of successful events. Depending on what the planner needs, an event’s AV may appear invisible or it can take the spotlight. Either way, every large event needs some kind of AV.

AV providers come in as many shapes and sizes as there are kinds of events. There are large and small companies, in-house and independent providers. The right AV partner can make or break your event, and planners should evaluate these options as carefully as you would a venue and caterer.

It’s up to you to see what AV company will work best for your event. But if you want your event done your way, you need to be proactive. Starting before you sign the venue contract, you need to maintain your freedom of choice between the in-house AV company and an independent provider. Here’s how to preserve your freedom: