A Special AV Guide to Hybrid Events

Ask any hybrid meeting planner or event organizer. Logistically speaking, a hybrid event should be plural. In other words, a next-normal hybrid event is two events—one live event, one remote [...]

RFP and Contract Language to Keep Your AV Options Open

If not careful, meeting planners can lose their freedom to choose their AV provider as soon as they sign a venue contract. And with technology playing an even bigger role in events during and [...]

Hybrid Events: What Really Works

Without the right expertise, hybrid events can look like a two-ring circus. But when they work, they can feel like a dazzling, seamless show worth remembering. Now that the stakes have been [...]

Hybrid Events: How to Create an Experience?

Some of your attendees will multitask while at the event. A few will eat a meal during the event. Others will reassure their children while the keynote speaker addresses the audience. In the [...]