Let’s cut to the chase: Event and meeting planners need cutting-edge technology and experienced staff to pull off jaw-dropping events that will create an unforgettable impression among attendees.

Audio visual, or AV, plays a huge role in any event, no matter how big or small. From the simplest microphone on a table to a complex stage production, all the details need to be considered to create a great result. AV technology solutions bring your event to life and delivers your message in memorable, engaging ways the audience is sure to remember.

To ensure success, event planners need experienced, skilled technicians with superior expertise to guide them through all the AV pain points of planning an event. The last thing you want to happen is the PowerPoint slides are the wrong size, poor lighting so no one can see your presenter and unbalanced sound so no one can hear your message.

Beyond the Basics — Total solutions from concept to delivery

Your AV provider offers a wealth of information and solutions. Ask them for the latest ways to deliver your message.

With years of training and experience, skilled and qualified AV providers have a level of know-how that planners can rely on. They are trusted advisors who can help with the development and execution of your event concept to maximize attendee engagement.

Communicate the goals and objectives of your event to your AV partner. Lean on their creative professionalism for exciting ways to elevate and focus your message while inspiring attendees.

From an annual gala to a shareholders’ meeting to a product launch, AV creates a memorable, lasting impression of your brand and message through an immersive experience of sound, imagery, interaction and engagement.

Leveraging technology to drive engagement

Don’t rely on the same old projector, screen and drape. AV professionals know how to leverage the latest technology to showcase your brand and elevate your message. They are also masters at balancing the “wow” factor and information overload with creative strategies for AV design.

Projection mapping, LED walls, scenic design and video content are all ways to convey your message, while creating a dramatic effect that will be remembered by attendees. Seasoned professionals will tailor technology to your space and audience for maximum impact and information retention.

Audience connection

Explaining and understanding your audience demographic is key to your event’s success. Keep in mind, millennials will need a different communications approach than baby boomers. Working through who your audience is and how they absorb information is essential to crafting AV solutions that work.

For example, social media integration is key for the millennials as is old-school projection with note taking for the boomers. You can use video tiles to showcase social media live streams and invigorate old school by projecting onto custom size or shape screens to ensure all audiences feel engaged by the information in a fresh format.

After your event, don’t stick that amazing presentation that your attendees were buzzing about on a shelf to collect dust. Your AV partner can make sure you have it in a format that can be shared on the web and on social media to keep the buzz going long after the event is over.

Maximizing resources

Don’t be afraid to talk about your budget from the start. Discussing it upfront allows the AV professional to plan around constraints and design a custom, creative solution.

A budget of $200,000 is very different from $75,000, and the sooner that is communicated to the AV team, the sooner they can develop ideas that maximize your resources.

Open communication is the key to working with your AV partner and integrating them seamlessly into your event team from the start.

All EPN members are industry-leading audio-visual experts who can assist you in bringing your event vision to life. Find an AV partner near you today.

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