Show Flow Templates

Show flow versus agenda: The agenda is a simple document that lists the presenters, times and maybe a few special notes. It’s more detailed than the attendee program, but it doesn’t have anywhere near enough detail as your AV partner will need for the event.

The show flow is a detailed document organized like a spreadsheet, with each department getting a column, including on-stage talent. Complex shows can have upwards of eight columns. The show flow includes everything the agenda has, but in far more detail. An agenda might list approximate times for each part of the event, such as Speaker A going on stage at 6:10 p.m., the show flow would break it down, noting the 46-second intro video, the lights that turn on for Speaker A when she walks on stage, which mic she will be using, if she’s using slides, and so on.

Here are agenda and show flow templates for free for you to use:

Agenda template

Show flow template 1

Show flow template 2

Show flow template 3