In Center Stage

IntelliEvent would like to thank our Lightning software development partners. Nationwide, On Services, TST, VCI, and Royal. They have been instrumental in helping us build out our state of the art .net cloud-based solution.  We were pleased to showcase all of our money-making modules at the Symposium in Rochester. In addition, we showcased our on-site implementation and training team and offered three free days of onsite support for those who moved forward with IntelliEvent Lightning in Rochester.

Extreme Impact would like to invite you to the 2018 IntelliEvent Profitability Summit (IPS), September 10th-12th.

We are excited for you to potentially be a part of our annual event located on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

You can register here or on our website. There are early-bird prices for those that register before July, 31, 2018. Please be sure to sign up in order to secure a place for the activities of your choice.

Lastly, we have included the recap video for the 2017 IntelliEvent Profitability Summit. If you were not in attendance, we encourage you to view the video to better understand the mission and overall experience of the Summit.