News from Nationwide Video

Your Resource for Laser Projection and accessories… Along with Everything else! Nationwide Video has been considered the projection experts for 20 years and we’re not slowing down. We [...]

News from IntelliEvent

IntelliEvent would like to thank our Lightning software development partners. Nationwide, On Services, TST, VCI, and Royal. They have been instrumental in helping us build out our state of the [...]

News from AV Franklin

AV Franklin was excited to be a Diamond Sponsor for the EPN Symposium this month in Rochester, NY. We appreciated EPN support during this exciting rebranding time and were pleased to demonstrate [...]

Memorable Events: Why Planners Select an EPN Member

In Career Cast’s The Most Stressful Jobs of 2018 report, event planner was voted the fifth most stressful job, following jobs involving life or death (military personnel, fire fighter, airline [...]